Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Greypanel CDN is an independently-researched and developed dispatching system that intelligently distributes globally-located acceleration nodes to users based on their access location. By assigning the nearest resources to users, GreypanelCDN improves web services capacity, network access quality, download speeds and reduces response time, providing in smoother user experience.

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Product Features

Static Content Acceleration

Targeted at portals and e-commerce sites, GreypanelCDN caches static content such as web pages, HTML, CSS, JS, images and files onto the nodes to accelerate the distribution process. Visitors will be able to access the content from the nearest node and load complex content in seconds, significantly improving web access speeds and reducing site response time, leading to better user experience.

Dynamic Network Acceleration

Enjoy a fast, stable and secure dynamic request acceleration with our extensive network of acceleration nodes, a large reserve of direct connections and an intelligent scheduling system. Slow response, packet loss, service instability and other issues caused by transnational, cross-carrier or network uncertainty will be a thing of the past.

Audio and Video Streaming Acceleration

Our globally distributed acceleration nodes ensure high availability and a speedy transfer service even during peak periods and high concurrent access, promising audio and video streaming users a stable and smooth playback experience.

Download Distribution Acceleration

Using multi-level cache convergence and standby resources to ease the pressure on the origin, GreypanelCDN provides a stable and high-quality download acceleration, with the capacity to support massive traffic bursts. This is especially useful for sites that require a fast download user experience, such as those hosting game installation packages, application package downloads, mobile phone ROM upgrades and more.

Products Benefits

Global acceleration

With 9 data centers and 900+ nodes covering 100+ countries and regions, GreypanelCDN effectively solves the problem of network instability and high-access latency caused by cross-region distances.

Intelligent Dispatching

Using multi-region monitoring probes and real-time monitoring data, Greypanel CDN’s intelligent adjustment dispatching policy achieves cross-region and cross-carrier precision dispatching, assigning the best node and most optimal path to users for a speedy access experience.

Monitoring Alerts

Greypanel CDN comes with real-time business monitoring alerts, per-minute monitoring of access / back-to-origin traffic, bandwidth, number of requests, status codes, and other data. Also help the client to monitor the availability of your site, the origin status and provides timely warnings of abnormal conditions and attacks.

Simple & Easy to Use

Seamlessly access Greypanel CDN‘s services with no changes needed to your origin. Deploy your configuration policy and watch it take effect in seconds. Manage the system with our self-service configuration management console and the full range of API interfaces.

Statistical Reports

Greypanel CDN comes with a variety of statistics, user behavior data, attack reports, and others. Download access logs, perform customized analyses, and derive data insights for your website operations.

Technical Support

Our professional technical team is available 24x7 for online support, or you can contact us through other channels such as instant messaging, email, and ticket submission. We will respond to abnormal situation reports immediately and handle them promptly.


Our package comes with a free SSL certificate subscription from various providers, including certificate management, deployment, and other functions. We also offer a one-stop HTTPS security acceleration solution to protect your data and prevent content hijacking.

Cost Savings

Greypanel CDN generates cost savings by reducing back-to-origin requests, saving origin server bandwidth and configuration costs. It comes with 95th percentile bandwidth billing, on-demand customization, and flexible upgrade packages to meet your different needs. Burst traffic handling and network coverage expansion are also available at low cost.

Feature Customization

Greypanel CDN supports custom rules to cater to different business scenarios. This includes TCP / UDP port forwarding, custom port, add or remove HTTP header, request rate limit setup, custom error page, WebSocket, Domain Redirect, Always-HTTPS, and others.

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