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Data Visualization

Greypanel provides a complete Data Visualisation Display Solution. It uses rich chart display formats to meet the data visualization needs of various scenarios and supports automatic data refresh and custom time-period viewing. Through statistical reports, monthly reports, and real-time monitoring, you can intuitively understand the various website performance indicators and use them as a reference to optimize website operations.

Statistical Reports

Greypanel provides rich statistical content, such as performance statistics, usage statistics, cache rate statistics, defense statistics, operation logs, and more. Simply log in to the backend console to view the statistics and check the status of your websites and applications in real-time anytime, anywhere. Easily set up attack alerts and adjust defense strategies promptly.

Monthly Reports

Greypanel provides monthly reports and operational status reports from multiple dimensions to help you perform monthly operations analysis. These reports contain overall trends, monthly bandwidth/traffic usage details and their comparison, top 5 traffic sites, and their percentages hit rate and their comparison over the same period, and much more. Use these reports as a data basis to optimize your website.

Real-Time Monitoring

Greypanel provides domain-level performance monitoring. To accurately detect website or application anomalies, it simulates real access at fixed frequencies to obtain the response status and request details in real-time. An availability monitoring function ensures that service availability is stable. Also, a monitoring and alert service allow you to keep track of your website’s status at all times and receive notifications as soon as there is any abnormal activity detected.

Solution Benefits

Integrated Package

These services are automatically made available for you, with one-click access and no additional purchase required.

Alert Mechanism

Set up the notification in the console backend and the system immediately notifies you whenever any exception occurs, ensuring the availability of your website.

Complete Data Reconstruction

A massive data storage capacity and multi-dimensional data display allow the statistical content to be reconstructed completely.

Enterprise-Level API

Comes with a complete API interface, ensuring compatibility with your systems.

Easy to Operate

All you need to do is log in to the console backend, and you can view the data and personalize the settings.

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