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CC Attacks Protection

Compared with other types of DDoS attacks, a Challenge Collapsar (CC) attack is much more complicated as it has many variants making its prevention difficult. For instance, when an attack occurs, multiple requests disguised as valid HTTP requests target flawed web applications simultaneously — exhausting the web server resources. Greypanel’s AI-powered WAF can thus protect your business uptime from these CC attacks. Using real-time threat intelligence and user behavior algorithms, we can quickly distinguish between regular business traffic and malicious traffic to prevent such vicious attacks.

Solution Summary

Web Application Attack Protection

We deploy multiple protection strategies to prevent common web servers vulnerability attacks, such as XSS attacks and illegal HTTP protocol requests.

Injection Attack Protection

We defend against SQL injection, LDAP injection, command injection (such as OS commands, web shell, etc.), XPath injection, XML / JSON injection, and more.

IP Access Control

Supports whitelisting of specific IPs and blocking of malicious IPs.

URL Access Control

Supports blacklisting and whitelisting of URLs.

Status Code Restrictions

Supports limiting the occurrences of specific status codes.

Web Crawler Protection Worm Protection

Protects against malicious access based on a source IP’s visit pattern and frequency.

Blacklist & Whitelist Setup

Supports the setup of country/region blacklists and whitelists according to your business needs.

Solution Architecture

Solution Benefits

Real-Time Attack Alert

Immediate email alert when attacked; Real-time update of security status; Reminders customer to monitor business operations

AI + Behavioral Analysis & Detection

Integrated AI engine; Improves attack detection efficiency; Improves attack detection efficiency

Visual Configuration Strategy

Provides detailed interception analysis; Comprehensive understanding of security status; Resolves security issues quickly

Customizable Protection

Fully customisable rules; Customisable security protection strategy; Personalise your defense needs

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive user interface; Supports single-site rules setup; Batch deployment of security rules to multiple sites

Error Prevention Algorithm

Customer-level isolation; Intelligent attack recognition; Reduces probability of false positives

Our Customers

Financial Websites

Our CC attack defence algorithms and strategies for financial websites come with an AI engine for real-time attack feature learning, providing 24 x 7 security for your business.

Gaming Websites

Our customized CC attack algorithms for gaming websites effectively resist variant CC attacks and provide reliable security for your gaming website.

E-Commerce Websites

Our defense algorithms and strategies for e-commerce businesses respond to sudden increases in web traffic and combine multiple load-balancing strategies to ensure smooth company operation.

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